F body                                                                  updated 3-20-20

Assorted 76-80 wiring harnesses; forward lighting/engine harness,  dash harness, dash power window/door lock harness, and rear lighting harness $35-$90

Plastic right side dash sections, incl glove box door and ash tray assembly with lighter 4 or 5 colors including  red, tan, beige and green $110-$140

Kick panels, assorted colors $18 each, $32 set

Armrests, assorted colors $11

window crank handles $9

interior door handles, excellent chrome $9

exterior door handles, excellent chrome $27

original antenna assembly, excellent chrome, complete with lead $55

Dash plastic trim, assorted colors $5-$10

76-80 2 door door glass, L&R $115/side

76-80 2 door full sized 1/4 window glass $74 each or $132/set

76-80 4 door door glass, tinted, all doors L&R $60 each

76-80 wagon door glass, tinted, all doors, L&R $60 each

76-80 wagon door glass, clear, all doors, L&R $60 each

76-80 wagon rear side glass, tinted, L&R  $95 each

76-80 wagon rear side glass, clear, L&R $95 each

76-80 wiper linkages and pivots $65 set

76-80 gas pedal assembly $15

76-80  2 door back glass  $140

76-80 4 door back glass $140


B body

73-74 GTX, Roadrunner, Satellite door glass, factory tint,  nice shape, L&R  $110 each


Contact me:    if you have  a specific part  request  and  for shipping estimates.

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